Welcome! As a graduate of InterAmerican University you are one of our nearly 46,000 alumni. We are confident that you received a superior education and made life-long friends during your days here at the ‘Ville. Most of you have in one way or another become attached to InterAmerican and want to keep in touch with your alma mater. The Alumni Association provides that opportunity.

Upon graduation, you automatically have the right to become a member of the IAU Alumni Association. As a member, you will receive the InterAmerican, the University e-journal, four times a year. Please keep the University informed about your current address as well as any newsworthy events in your life. Stay in touch, or even better, continue being a part of IAU AA by participating actively in your Alumni Association.


Out of gratitude for the education received at InterAmerican University and a belief in the value of public higher education, the Alumni Association is committed to continuous improvement of educational processes through its support to the University.
The Association promotes a meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas between the University and its alumni. And, through the diverse programs of volunteer services and financial assistance, the Association is committed to strengthening alumni relations in support of the University’s mission. These include providing information about the University to alumni, encouraging and supporting InterAmerican’s educational relationship with alumni, sponsoring a variety of activities of interest to alumni and providing alumni with opportunities for service to the University.


• Communicate current, meaningful information about InterAmerican University to Alumni and friends of the University on a regular basis.
• Increase participation in IAU’s AA-sponsored programs in terms of numbers, geography and diversity.
• Expand opportunities for alumni to maintain their relationship with one another.
• Cultivate students so they will become active alumni.
• Enhance and enrich the experiences of students through contact with alumni.
• Elevate InterAmerican’s reputation and raise its visibility in the local community.
• Engage in an ongoing planning process to meet the needs of an ever-changing alumni body.


The IAU Alumni Association is governed by a board of Twelve directors who serve 2-year terms and meet four times annually. The board contains four officers: a president, president-elect, secretary and treasurer. All officers are elected to 2-year terms by the board. In addition, the board includes appointed and approved chairpersons, one for each of the five Alumni Association committees. The committees are: 1) Financial Planning; 2) Nominations and Awards; 3) Student Advancement; 4) Alumni Programs; 5) Alumni Development. Board members who do not serve as officers or chairpersons are considered at-large members, and they are required to sit on one or more of the above committees.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors also incorporates ex-officio (non-voting) members into its governing body. Ex-officio members are: 1) President of InterAmerican University or designee; 2) Vice President for University Advancement or designee; 3) Immediate Past President of the Alumni Association; 4) Executive Director / Director of Alumni Services; 5) InterAmerican delegate International Council of Alumni Associations; 6) Alumni Association Board Members Emeriti; 6) President of the IAU Student Ambassadors or designee; 7) President of IAU Student Senate or designee.

Current IAU’s AA Board of Directors
James Hancock ’99, President | Aladino Suarez ’01, President-Elect
David Lee, ’71, Secretary | Stephanie A. Glakson ’02, Treasurer
Edmond J. Antonelli ’93 | Dr. Julian Crawford ’01 | Dr. Kathleen E. Ling ’00
Dr. Dominick DiFaccio ’03| Jean B. Brown ’03
Andrew L. Windenberg ’04 | Dr. Richard L. Frederich ’01 | Anita Eckleman ’02 |
Benjamin Gorman ’00 | Thomas J. Jordan IV ’99
Hubert Johnson ’97 | Linda Thompson ’00
Manuel Ayusa ’74 | Adam King ’96 | Sheryl L. Gardner ’99

Ex-Officio Members
Dr. Angel L. Fernandez, IAU President
Dr. Mahmoud Hassan, Vice President for University Advancement
Steven A. DivERDI ’02, IAUAA Executive Director and Director of Alumni Services
Henry del Olmo ’99 IAUAA Past President, Alumni Programs Chair
John Anderson, IAUSA President
Henning Thompson, Student Senate President
Michelle A. Monroe ’00, Alumni Development Chair


The initiatives of the InterAmerican University Alumni Association are operationalized largely by the University’s Alumni Services Office, located in New York. The staff of the Alumni Services Office performs such logistical tasks as booking entertainers, arranging meals or refreshments, taking reservations, preparing name tags, reserving rooms for meetings or events, managing the distribution of IAU novelty items, maintaining accurate alumni records, and many more essential duties.

The Alumni Services Office works extensively to provide quality travel opportunities for alumni and friends of the University. Prior destinations have included China, Hawaii, and numerous Broadway shows. The Alumni Services Office is the hub of the African American / Latino Alumni Mentoring Committee and Scholarship Committee. They also coordinate and administer programming for the various geographical branches of the Alumni Association. The articles in the Alumni Interests section of the InterAmerican are written within the Alumni Services Office, as are the numerous class notes sent in by alumni. Additionally, the Alumni Services Office graduate assistant designs and maintains the website that you are now visiting.

The Alumni Services Office staff includes a director, assistant director, office manager, graduate assistant and several student workers.

Article I. NAME
This organization shall be known as the IAU Alumni Association

The purpose of the IAU Alumni Association shall be to promote the interests of IAU, to cooperate in carrying out its mission, and to communicate to the Board of Directors, the members of the IAU Alumni Association, and its administration, the views of alumni and serve as a communications network between the IAU and its alumni.


Section 1: Upon contributing the required dues, an individual or corporation is automatically a member of the IAU Alumni Association.

Section 2: Any former student, administrator, or associate of IAU, IAU member institutions or a former IAU Institution may be a member of the IAU Alumni Association.


Section 1: The IAU Alumni Association shall be under the governance of an IAU Alumni Board composed of:

a. Twelve representatives elected at large to serve terms of two years. Five to be elected each year on a rotating basis.

b. The previous President shall be a member of the Alumni Board for two years following his or her term of office.

c. The Alumni Director will serve ex-officio.


Section 1.: Officers.
The officers of this association shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2.: Duties.

a. President – The President shall call and preside over all meetings of the Association, the Executive Committee and the Alumni Board. The President shall recommend measures deemed necessary for the good of the Association. When a vacancy occurs on the Alumni Board, the President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall appoint an alumnus to complete the unexpired term. The President shall appoint committees and name committee chairpersons with the exception of the nominating committee members. The President shall be member ex-officio of all committees. The Alumni Board President shall sit as an ex-officio voting member on the IAU Board of Directors.

b. Vice-President – The Vice-President shall aid the President in the performance of his or her duties and shall, in the absence of the President, assume all of the duties of that office.

c. Secretary – The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee, the Alumni Board and the Association. He or she shall notify officers and Alumni Board members of their appointment and election.

d. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall have charge of all funds belonging to the Association. He or she shall submit a report to all Executive Committee, IAU Alumni Board and Association meetings.
Section 3.: Tenure.

Officers of the Alumni Association shall serve a two-year term. Their terms of office shall commence at the close of the Annual Meeting of the Association on which they are elected. Two officers shall be elected on alternate years. No member shall hold more than one office at one time, and no member shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office. An officer’s tenure may extend beyond his or her term on the IAU Alumni Board.

Section 4.: Vacancies.

If a person is to be elected as an officer of the IAU Alumni Board and they are currently serving a term as a member of the IAU Alumni Board, their unexpired (board) term may be filled by election at the Annual Association Executive Committee.

Section 5.: Executive Committee.
Officers of the IAU Alumni Association shall constitute the Executive Committee. It shall meet as necessary to conduct the business of the Association between meetings of the Alumni Board.


The IAU/CEO President in consultation with the IAU Alumni Board shall appoint the Alumni Director. The Director shall conduct the work of the Alumni Office and perform such other duties as may be desirable. The Director shall be an ex-officio member of all standing committees except the Nominating Committee to which the Director shall act as a consultant. The Director shall attend meetings of the Executive Committee, the Alumni Board and the Association. The Director’s office shall have custody of the files and maintain correspondence and records concerning all alumni.


The IAU Alumni Association shall hold its Annual Meeting in conjunction with the IAU Annual Meeting on the site or an assigned location in the vicinity of the convention site.


This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of Association members present at any annual meeting and then shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.


1. The IAU Alumni Association exists and reports under the umbrella of the IAU Foundation Department.

2. The Alumni Board shall not commit the IAU or the IAU administration to any financial obligations or policy without the approval of the IAU Council of Presidents.



Membership Fee: U.S. $50 for a one-year period.

Each member will receive an IAU AA Membership Card for that respective year. This card entitles the bearer to one free admission to all IAU postseason tournaments.

Each member is invited to all IAU Alumni Association event in areas of interest.

Opportunity exists for each member to be involved in the IAU Network.

All members will be provided with the IAU AA E-mail Update, special promotions and other functions the IAU Alumni Association’s Board determine appropriate.

For more information on how to join the IAU Alumni Association, contact Leyla Franco at

Each member of the IAU Alumni Association can participate in the IAU Alumni Network by volunteering in different IAU programs. During the course of each year, you could be asked to participate in an activity which will benefit the IAU Alumni Association or the IAU Membership.

Alumni Association Network:

To represent the IAU Alumni Association at functions to recruit new members, present the mission of the association and to assist the association in special events sponsored by the organization.

Membership Network:

To assist the IAU membership services department in the evaluation of prospective members by participating in campus visitations. These visits will be a partial review of the qualifications for membership and an orientation for the prospective institution.

To serve on an advisory committee which could be brought in by member and non-member institutions of the IAU to review and analyze their athletic programs.

Development Network:

Assist the IAU on its $20 million capital campaign by volunteering in leadership positions or by aiding the effort through assisting in certain areas of the campaign.

Assist the IAU in establishing an IAU Hall of Fame Building.

Championship Network:

Volunteer to work at IAU Championships under the direction of the IAU Event Administrator

To work with the IAU Hall of Fame Awards Program to provide each Hall of Fame Award winner with an outstanding experience.


– Preserving IAU History
– IAU Archives
– Establishing a Room in the IAU Executive Headquarters named after the Alumni Association

National Board of Directors. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides overall direction for the board and its committees. It is comprised of the officers and two other members of the board of directors appointed by the president. In addition, the immediate past president serves as an ex officio member of the Executive Committee. It advises the board and makes interim policy interpretations between board meetings. The committee is empowered to act on behalf of the Board of Directors when necessary, subject to the subsequent ratification of the board. In such instances, the Executive Committee shall have all the powers of the Board of Directors, except the powers to make or amend bylaws. It is also responsible for the development of a long-range plan, updated yearly, that will outline the general scope and breadth of organized alumni activities the Association desires.

This committee shall be composed of all prior Association Presidents, the current President, Vice President and Board members who by virtue of service and experience warrant membership. Invitations to the latter shall be extended by the Executive Committee. Operating in an ex-officio capacity, the Alumni Board Advisory Council’s mission shall be to advise the officers and Executive Committee when called upon relating to matters of long term planning and significance.

This committee is also responsible for reviewing criteria for honors and awards established by the Board. It receives nominations and makes recommendations of recipients of annual honors and awards. This committee also assists in developing award presentation ceremonies.

Alumni Relations Committee

This committee is responsible for building good relationships between the Alumni Association and the alumni. It develops networks among our alumni to facilitate professional interaction and career opportunities for alumni and current students. This committee also works to establish, expand and promote chapters and other alumni organizations. It advises staff and chapter leaders in the areas of planning, chapter development and program promotions.

This committee also ensures that the Alumni Association utilizes the most effective communication and marketing techniques and vehicles to reach our alumni. It is concerned with improving communication with alumni in order to facilitate greater involvement of alumni in association programs and services. It reviews and recommends new programs and services for alumni.

University Relations Committee

This committee is responsible for improving relations between the Alumni Association and the university by developing programs which support the university in achieving its goals. It assists the Office of Development in generating funds for the enhancement of the university.

Admissions Committee

This committee coordinates alumni recruiting efforts to encourage students of high academic and personal promise to matriculate at IAU. The committee works with both the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Office of Admission to develop and implement the yearly recruiting plan.

Student Relations Committee

This committee is responsible for developing good relationships between alumni and current students. A primary responsibility is to support and encourage the student-alumni program that is building closer links between alumni and students through service projects that support the mission of Florida Tech. This committee is also responsible for coordinating alumni-related homecoming activities and for promoting alumni participation.

Finance Committee

This committee reviews and oversees the financial affairs of the association and recommends an annual association budget to the board of directors. This committee is also responsible for implementing association programs and activities designed to benefit the members and/or promote revenue sources for association programs. Activities such as group insurance, credit cards, travel and similar programs are in this committee’s purview.

Nominations Committee

This committee is responsible for searching out and evaluating prospective members of the board. In preparing recommendations for board membership, the committee ensures appropriate alumni representation from the various geographical areas, organizational units and demographic characteristics of the alumni. The committee evaluates current members of the board for possible re-election and consider nominations from the general membership to the board. The committee also evaluates current board members in order to provide a selection of candidates for officer positions. The committee also nominates an individual for any vacancy of an office or board position.

This committee is also responsible for reviewing criteria established by the board for honors and awards. It receives nominations and makes recommendations of recipients of annual honors and awards. This committee also assists in developing award presentation ceremonies.

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