Board of Trustees

GENERAL ADMINISTRATION Officers of the University Dr. Angel L. Fernández, President Ad Honorem ( — Dr. Kenneth Robert Washington, Chancellor (on leave of absence) ( Dr. Albert Heinemann, Vice President for External Relations ( Ms. Christine Kauffman, Director of Admissions ( Dr. Heriberto Pacheco, Director of Development ( Dr. Fausto Carrasco, Secretary General of Legal Services ( Dr. Alexander Tovar, Director of Institutional Relations ( Dr. Frank Garcia, Director of Orientation and Counseling ( Dr. Remullus della Valle, Vice President for Finance ( Dr. Sigfried Mayer, Vice President for Administration and Registrar (

Administrative Officers Ms. Jenny Monroe, Secretary General ( Ms. Marlene Smith, Special Assistant to the President ( Dr. Douglas McDonald, Vice President for Student Affairs ( Mr. James Woods, Vice President for Enrollment Management ( Mr. Allan Jones, Treasurer of the University ( Mr. Tomas Atkinson, Vice President for Human Resources ( Mr. Martin Baldwin, Vice President for Information Services ( Mr. Fernando Galvan, Director of Community Affairs ( Mr. Guillermo Espinoza, Recruitment Services ( Dr. Fausto Carrasco, General Coordinator for InterAmerican University LatinAmerica (   Faculty Division Directory Arts and Sciences Dr. Linda Lane, Dean ( Dr. Carl McClure, Student Coordinator ( Languages Dr. Klaus Steinberg, Dean ( Dr. Sandra Dreyfuss, Student Coordinator ( Business Administration Dr. Hiran Walker, Jr., Dean ( Dr. Mathew Caye, Student Coordinator (   International Affairs

Dr. Suzanne Leeds, Dean ( Dorothy Cohen, Student Coordinator (     Natural Medicine and Health Sciences

Dr. Norman Collet, Dean ( Dr. Stuart Daniel, Student Coordinator (     Engineering

Dr. Howard Benson, Dean ( Jill Carlton, Student Coordinator ( Huyen Thanh, System Administration (   Education and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Natalie Burke, Dean ( Dr. Nanette Fenderson, Student Coordinator (