Degree Programs

Certificate Diploma Bachelor Master Doctoral
College of Arts and Sciences     B.S. Criminal Justice
B.S. Criminology
B.S. Design
B.A. Cinema
B.A. Journalism
B,A, Gerontology
B.A. Human Sexuality
B.A. Women's Studies

M.S. Criminal Justice
M.A. in Anthropology
M.A. en Mobbing
M.A. Sociology
M.A. Psicología Espiritual
M.A. in Human Sexuality
M.A. in Women's Studies
M.A. Arts Degree Program in Interior Design

College of Business Administration    Diploma B.A.S.H.A.
College of Education and Behavioral Sciences     B.S. Speech Pathology
B.A. Logopedics
B.A. In Psychology
Dr. Sc. Psychology

Dr. Clinical Psychology


College of Engineering and Applied Science   Diploma in Computer Information Systems B.S. in Architecture
B.S. in Environmental Engineering

B.S. Computer Information Systems
Ph.D. Computer Science
of International Affairs
International and Comparative Law Certificate   B.A. in International Relations
B.A. in Diplomacy & II RR
B.A. in Political Science
B.A. of International Law
College of Natural Medicine and Health Sciences   Diploma
in Natural Health Sciences
B.S. Nursing
B.S. in Health Sciences and Natural Medicine
Bachelor en Medicina Natural
School of Languages
    B.A. T.E.S.O.L.
B.A. Translation & Interpretation


I.A.U. offers a series of degree programs that have been designed to help you realize your potential in both your personal and professional life. Each curriculum is a blend of courses with your chosen field of study. The I.A.U. is a private, coeducational institution known for its solid educational programs and excellent connections with employers. The average class size is fifteen/twenty. The has the facilities, experienced teaching staff and practical curriculum to prepare graduates for the exciting world of higher education.

I.A.U.'s faculty encourage and assist students to acquiring a broad, rich background for developing skills for a rewarding career. At The we will provide you with a strong foundation for success.

Main Programs of Study

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