Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs (O.A.A.) is responsible for all support features relating to faculty, staff and students in their educational and academic pursuits.


The unit is made up of eight departments with various support roles:


Administration – Richard Crawford – Associate Vice Chancellor
John Allison, Executive Assistant


Institute of Social WorkAnn Miller, Director
I.S.W. supports student access to clinical experiences in health professional shortage areas and rural interdisciplinary assignments through several specific programs.


Educational Support ServicesMarie Renaud, Director
E.S.S. provides the campus community with a wide variety of services ranging from photography to virtual surgery.


Center for the Sciences & the HumanitiesDr. Jeane Hamilton, Director
The Center inspires a balance between the sciences and the humanities in healthcare delivery and research, working with each school of the IUNINS system, affiliated hospitals, practicing healthcare professionals, government, professional, corporate, civic and private organizations, as well as the public.


Office of EducationGregory Hampton, Director
The Office of Education offers workshops and educational support to faculty of all schools.


Student Services and AdministrationDr. Luisa del Rio, Interim Director
Student Services and Administration maintains student records from registration to alumni status; providing student services to all schools and entities.