Programa de Evaluación de Credenciales

Credencial Evaluation Program

Application for Credential Evaluation


Credential Evaluation Services
Credential evaluation services provide objective evaluations of the US equivalents of foreign education and work credentials. For example, a credential evaluation service would indicate that the Spanish word bachiller corresponds to a US high school diploma, even though the literal translation is bachelor.
Fees for the evaluation of US education credentials tend to range from $50 to $250 per document, depending on the amount of detail required and the speed of response. Some companies will also translate the documents. Others will require that the documents be accompanied by English translations. There may be extra fees (typically $20 to $50 per page) for document translation services. The student is responsible for paying for the credential evaluation and translation fees.
All I.A.U. students who want to receive credit for courses taken at an international college or university must submit the required documents to an approved credential evaluation service. This process ensures that students have access to a fair and accurate assessment of the credentials by experienced evaluators. The following guidelines have been set for international credential evaluations at InterAmerican University:

-It is the students’ responsibility to initiate the evaluation process with the evaluation service. Please be aware that these services will charge a fee to the student. Please contact them to verify the current fee amount.
– After the evaluation service receives all of the required documents from the student, they will submit an evaluation report to I.A.U. with their recommendations for academic credit.
– I.A.U. will apply credit from the evaluation report according to the student’s major. In some cases the college may require course descriptions or other additional information provided by the student’s international college or university.
-I.A.U. reserves the right to interpret the evaluation report and to determine I.A.U.’s course equivalencies. Some courses such as English 101, for example do not have equivalencies at international universities.
-Any questions about this process should be directed to the international admissions coordinator.
Application Procedures
In order to receive an evaluation, an applicant must provide the following:
The Application for Evaluation of Foreign Credentials, completed and signed by the applicant.

2. FEE
A non-refundable evaluation fee in U.S. dollars. Make the bank check or money order payable to InterAmerican University. All evaluation fees, including fees for rush report, 24 hour report, grade point average equivalent, extra copies, and translation are NON-REFUNDABLE.
A. Official Diplomas and Certificates in the original language.
B. Official transcripts in the original language (names of courses, grades, and hours of instruction) for every year of study.

Documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by professional, certified English translations. Translations supplement, but do not replace the original documents.
Syllabus of university study (description of each course or subject studied): This may be required for a Course-by-Course Evaluation. Do not send this with your application.
Processing Information: I.A.U. reserves the right to request to review original documents and may insist that transcripts or examination results be sent directly by the issuing institutions or examination boards. For engineering and physical therapy licensure: transcript, degree, and course descriptions must be sent by the issuing institution(s) directly to I.A.U. The documents you submit with your application, with the exception of any originals, will become the property of the University and they will not be returned. Applicants must submit self-addressed and stamped envelopes for the return of their original academic credentials. When it has been determined that the documents submitted for evaluation or translation were forged or altered in any way, no evaluation or translation will be prepared and the evaluation or translation fee will not be refunded. All recipients indicated on the application form will be notified. If the application for evaluation of foreign credentials arrives incomplete, I.A.U. will request the missing information. If the application is not completed within three months, I.A.U. will close the file. A new evaluation fee will be required for updating the file. I.A.U. will keep applications for academic credentials for one year only.
1. Document-by-Document

This evaluation names and describes all diplomas, certificates, degrees, periods of education or training and gives U.S. equivalencies for each. This report is appropriate for freshman or graduate admission, for immigration purposes, for military enlistment and for employment.

2. Course-by-Course

This evaluation provides the same information as the document-by-document evaluation, but also gives course, grade, and credit equivalents in U.S. terms for university level study in other countries. This type of evaluation is usually required for transfer into a U.S. college or university. It is required for CPA examination, teacher certification, licensing or membership in professional associations (Physical Therapy Engineering requires a different kind of evaluation.) Applicants requesting the course-by-course evaluation whose academic credentials are not equivalent to university level study in the United States will receive a document-by-document evaluation and a $40 refund.
Standard Processing Time – Evaluations are normally prepared in ten working days, upon receipt of all required fees, information and documentation. Evaluations which require extensive research and correspondence may take longer to prepare.